McQueen & YSL at work .

M wears rings by YSL, Alexander McQueen and Jewels by Jacqueline . Pants by American Apparel, boots by Dotti .

I hate the limitations my work uniform enforces . It has now developed my hatred for black and corporate attire…when you hate where you work you don’t want to wear anything that associates with your work uniform .
I try to brighten my outfit with my collection of YSL rings, changing them everyday . What to wear tomorrow!?

M .

Ysl red lipstick, coco liberace & louboutin daffodil’s .

M wears lipstick by YSL & necklace by Coco Liberace .

M wears dress by sportsgirl, daffodil heels by Christian Louboutin .

Love discovering things you forgot you owned! Prime example with this red aztec print dress . Getting ready to go out for a mini celebration for my birthday I, despite having millions of clothes, felt like I had nothing to wear…until I found this dress I bought a few months back that hadn’t seen anything but the doors of my wardrobe . The signature red sole of the Christian Louboutin Daffodil heel really complimented the dress .

M . Xx

MCA clothing swap .

On Sunday the 22nd of July, my friend Gabi and I had the opportunity to attend a clothing swap hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) . prior to the event we had each dropped a few old clothes in which would allow us to grab some pieces when we returned . Although we arrived a little late to the event we managed to find a few things . Gabi found some vintage levi shorts and i scored these cool pyjama looking high-waisted pants which i will cut in to shorts . as a first in best dressed event of course there was some stiff competition to grab a beloved item first, we won some and we lost some and ended the day with some blueberry cheesecake and a stroll through the markets . smiles all round!

M .

Goldilocks, leopard print & fur .


It’s amazing how diverse fashion has become over the years, especially for young children. They now mirror the wardrobe of an adult, what was considered a niche in the industry has substantially advanced rather rapidly .

M .

McQueen, ysl and the countdown until summer .

M wears skull ring by Alexander McQueen, arty rind by YSL, knuckle rings by Jewels by Jacqueline .

This winter is becoming unbearable . Aside from the fact I missed 2/3 of winter last year I don’t remember it being this cold! With just a little over 4 months remaining I will no longer need to resort to fake tan 😀

M .

black & white, stripes & spots, leather & stretch .

Image Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista for Vogue .

I love this look, very classic and Chanel inspired . there’s just something about stripes and nautical prints that get me everytime – the stripes in this picture give it quite an edgy feel but the polka dots compliment it with a feminine touch .

M .

24 candles .


This time last year I was in Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower . I was also frantically running around to find the Christian Louboutin store to buy myself a birthday present . To my good fortune of course they didn’t have the infamous daffodil heels in stock . Guess you can say good things come to those who wait . Happy birthday M 😀


knitted sweaters & the eiffel tower .

M wears sweater by jay jays, boots by roc, ring by YSL, bag by miu miu .

If you have made the assumption that I am obsessed with over-sized knitted sweaters then you stand correct . This particular one frequented my outfit choice as I sent home the warmer contents of my suitcase .
Paris; The city I fell in love with, contrary to populace experiences, I had the most amazing time. I stayed at Hotel Castille situated on Rue Cambon, conveniently right next door to the original Chanel store and her apartment – fantastic location and within close proximity to everything . A stunning symmetrical city with infinite culture and architecture , Paris will be seeing more of me very soon I hope!

M .

the transparent clutch .


I’m not sure how I feel about a transparent clutch . I love the look of it; sharp, clean and almost perfect . However immaculate aptness isn’t suited to my disheveled appearance . By disheveled I’m not implying I appear homeless but rather that I fail to suit flawless pulled back hair and full length stockings . I look trivial without bumps in my hair or at least knee high socks . From studying, to my room, and to my bag I function in piles of clutter . I study and work surrounded by mountains of books and paperwork, my room is occasionally messy but I know exactly where everything is located and I love being able to throw things in my Louis knowing no one can see it . I’m sure no one wants to see my abundance of tissues when suffering hay fever or my lipstick pressed tissues post YSL application .

Peace .

M .

miroslava duma .


Former Editor for Harpers Bazaar Russia turned freelance writer for numerous publications, Miroslava Duma should almost be a household name at this point. Known as a fashion icon internationally I’m sure she will now frequent your google searches .

M .