Zimmermann, bluebell & spring .

M wears bluebell dress by Zimmermann .

Scored this baby for $130 rather than $450…gotta love the Zimmermann outlet! I must admit its hard to wear because the print is so memorable…still beautiful though!

M .

9 thoughts on “Zimmermann, bluebell & spring .

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to know if you wanted to sell that Zimmermann dress. I am willing to pay up $400. If you wanted to make a neat profit this is your opportunity. I have wanted this dress for so long but it sold out before I got one and I have been scouting eBay for a year with no luck!!
    Let me know my email is ageunderscore10@hotmail.com

  2. Otherwise if you see another one of these dresses at the outlet (I think it’s in Sydney) I would be willing to pay you generously for your efforts. I want this dress really badly!!!

  3. Hi Adrianna,
    although I do know that feeling unfortunately the dress is not for sale, i love it too much! I have however seen it on ebay quite a lot, what size are you? I will keep an eye out for you πŸ™‚


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