Blue pleats .

M wears skirt by Zara, bracelets from Mykonos .

One cannot help but glance over European holiday photos to inspire an outfit for the perfect spring day . Unfortunately it was a wasted outfit . Nonetheless this skirt is still a favourite, I only wish I hadn’t listened to my sister and bought the blazer in the same colour .

M .

spring, summer & pastels .

I tend to have random spurts of inspiration to post and in this case it’s because I have insomnia….my fault of course! note to self; stop napping after work to then wake up 6 hours later and then procrastinate in applying St Tropez fake tan. did i mention its 4:30am here in Australia!?

The weather is warming up fast and we’re starting to see the layers of clothes disappear – slowly being replaced by ripped shorts and flowy dresses . It’s even almost time to put the fake tan back in the cupboard and gladly replace it with natural sun kissed skin. I can’t help but get excited about the upcoming season and the trends it will bring .

It seems that throughout spring and summer we will see fabrics adorned with vivid colours, as well as soft neutrals and pastels – in particular, soft mint green has proved popular on the runway and on the likes of fashion icons such as Jessica Stein & Nicole Warne . We’re also seeing red as a prominent colour, lace and crochet tops, and not to mention floral prints still remain on the racks . I feel that when it does come to floral prints you need to be careful that you don’t end up looking like a flower threw up everywhere, my recommendation is to veer in the direction of Zimmermann, you can’t go wrong with their floral prints, they just utter perfection .

Images from Tuula Vintage, Gary Pepper Vintage, Song of Style .

M .

Don’t hate what you don’t understand .

Just some food for thought on a Thursday . Former Beatles member John Lennon was notorious for his influential perspectives on life . My favourite quote of his is;
“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”


Peace .

M .

ignorance is bliss…sometimes .

Following a conversation with a colleague today, we delved upon a realm of escaping reality via the ‘ignorance is bliss’ concept, I subsequently began to ponder on that hypothesis with regards to my finances . Someone once said that money spent on experience or education is never wasted money . To be exact that someone is my fellow Honey&Hook blogger J .
I have a little substance abuse problem I like to call shoe shopping . In particular my addiction applies to the likes of Christian Louboutin platforms, Chanel ballet flats, Yves Saint Laurent Tribute heels, Miu Miu booties, and the list goes on…
Call me pretentious, whatever, I’ve heard it before . But those of you with that preconceived notion fail to realise that these are the designers who convert an innovative idea in to a unique and artistic creation . this is then replicated, or as I like to call it, stolen, by commercial brands and then mass produced .

I understand that the average consumer either;

  1. cannot afford such luxury items, or
  2. think its a waste of money

But I think there needs to be a reciprocated admiration for those who have an appreciative comprehension of the designers themselves . Picasso once said that art is theft . I understand his perspective and although this may be true in some instances, I don’t completely agree with it . Art is established from inspiration, this I don’t call theft, if you scroll further down this post you will understand what I’m referring to .

Now that I have gone off in tangents I should be a little more succinct with my initial introduction . I recently enrolled in to a Fashion Business course commencing next month . Coinciding with this, my car rego and insurance has eaten my funds away . I still also have 2 more payments for my course (which aren’t cheap!) . Despite these impending financial burdens, there is a pair of Miu Miu ankle booties that I cannot live without and have proven extremely difficult to source . However my persistence has prevailed and I have located a pair for $478 – a bargain if you ask me . Now the question is, do I spend the money even though I have outstanding credit card bills with more fees to incur, or do I bite the bullet and succumb to the bliss of ignorance and buy them? how much interest can I possibly incur? And besides, these shoes will always be amazing, even when my kids find them in 20 years time (I don’t have kids yet lol) .

These are the amazing Miu Miu booties .


Now this is what I call theft .


Peace .

M .

fur, silk & selfies .


M wears skirt and jacket by Daniela-Stephanie, rings by Alexander McQueen and YSL, tshirt by Sportsgirl, watch by Marc Jacobs, boots by dotti .

I kind of wish I had a minion that would follow me around taking photos of me . like Rumi Neely or Nicole Warne who are at ease with their savvy photographer boyfriends capturing their essential moves and wardrobe changes . Instead…I have to revert to selfies…with my iPhone . Woo me!

I mentioned a few weeks back that J& i would be shooting pieces from Daniela-Stephanie’s range . I dropped in to Daniela’s design studio to review some more pieces that had arrived from her PR agency so I could source them for our shoot . And there it was…the georgette skirt that I have been eyeing for at least 4 months .

What looks like fur is actually rouched silk, this skirt retails around the $3000 mark but it is absolutely amazing . I had to try it on and it will definitely feature in our upcoming shoot for Honey&Hook .

M .

colour me purple.

so, admittedly i’m not the biggest fan of Lindsay Lohan but when i stumbled across her photo shoot for Purple Magazine in late 2010 i was completely captivated. Shot by Terry Richardson who is notorious for his provocative-verging-on-obscene photography style the shoot doesn’t fail to disappoint in pushing the envelope.

Despite the uncertainty around whether Richardson is a perverted creep or an utter genius he’s got me sitting up and paying attention.

Whilst Richardson utilizes the strategies of many photographers alike; risque poses, states of undress, questionable surroundings and smatterings of ‘reality’ his images seem to capture a rawness that many others fail to. Perhaps thats just his game but i know that when i look at this shoot i feel like i’m possibly viewing pieces of Ms Lohan’s genuine persona. Capturing fleeting moments and images of reality on film are so difficult, because, obviously when a camera is present there is always an element of facade working to veil it. A filthy sleaze he may be but Richardson deserves credit for his innate ability to captivate his audiences by photographically straddling the fine line between reality and fantasy.





photographs from

and the infamous Terry Richardson himself….


I have a sneaking suspicion that Richardson’s decision to style this shoot just so was more than tactical. His success in capturing the rawness of Lohan’s personality and (questionable) innocence forayed him into further shoots with her for Love Magazine earlier this year.

xx j.

sass and….well, sass.

always a fan of spending too much on too little (material) i was utterly thrilled today when i walked into myer and discovered that sass & bide have released an underwear line. as a name ubiquitous with style that is bold, feminine, creative and modern sass & bide’s underwear does not disappoint. not only are there some beautifully delicate pieces which honour the primary purpose of lingerie; to be sexy, feminine and elegant but there’s a few quintessentially ‘sass & bide’ sets too. in contrast with the lace & frills of the more feminine pieces these feature injections of fluro, simple shapes and strong asymmetrical lines. completely unique, sassy, and bordering on abstract these are the pieces that ensure the brand name is remains a self fulfilling prophecy.




pix from

…to be honest, i really think these photographs don’t give the range the justice that it deserves. despite the obvious beauty of jess hart i feel that these pix are a bit of a departure from the usual streamlined, visually lush campaigns that sass & bide indulges us with. still, this won’t stop me from inevitably trying to buy alllllllllll of it!

j. x

McQueen, signature red soles & vintage YSL .

M wears Daffodil platform heels by Christian Louboutin, vintage shirt, vintage YSL pin, arty ring by YSL, skull ring by Alexander McQueen, heart rings by Jewels by Jacqueline .

My toes are still slightly throbbing from the Louboutins . Despite falling over every 5 seconds when i first wore them they are the most amazing pair of shoes I own . Every time I wear them I can at least say I extend my walking distance by 20m without falling over . Tonight I didn’t even stumble, success!!

Xx M .

Zimmermann & Chanel in Rome .

M wears dress by Zimmermann, sandals by Witchery, bag by Chanel .

I spent 3 full days in Rome with the intention of sight seeing . No actually that’s a lie, I wanted to shop! I did attempt sight seeing, but I became bored and irritable at the exhausting heat that consumed Rome…and my make up!
After visiting the main attractions i.e. the colosseum, we detoured to the Via Condotti . Basically this is heaven for shopping; Chanel, Dior, Louboutin, YSL, Prada, Miu Miu and anything you could want in an arms reach – half of which is almost inaccessible or limited in Australia . I ended the day with a few more YSL rings, a large Louis Vuitton ‘never full’ bag and cosmetic case .

Despite my lack of interest at the time for the historical monuments around me Rome is a beautiful city . I’d love to go back and explore it more, actually walking in to the colosseum this time . And of course some more shopping wouldn’t hurt…besides you can never have enough YSL . or Louis . or Chanel . or maybe anything haha .

Xx M .

be mine baby.


taking inspiration (as i often do) from my very fashion-knowledgable and always immaculately presented friend Mel i made my trip to Paris this year a pilgrimage to Yves St Laurent. Having admired Mel’s many, many gorgeous YSL rings for a long time getting myself one was top priority. i am fully willing to admit that if i had to choose between seeing the Eiffel Tower and getting to YSL i’d be happy to settle for looking at pictures of the tower in Lonely Planet. i am not much of a ‘jewellery for the sake of jewellery’ wearer, and while i know that it is an amazing way to compliment clothing it’s not how i roll. i prefer to have a relationship with all of my jewellery. some of it is expensive, some of it is merely pieces of string with odd keys, bells & beads tied onto it but every piece has a story. not only was it satisfying to buy myself such a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery and a reminder of how hard i had worked to be where i was in the world but buying it came at a pretty poignant moment of my trip. as in many tales of travel i’d just realised i was the loser in a blissfully romantic but hopeless entanglement of the heart that i’d been engaged in and was feeling a little fragile. proving that timing really may be something, ysl entered my life right on queue. i couldn’t think of better (or more gorgeous) therapy for a broken heart.

boys are fleeting, ysl is forever and my only regret now is not buying 4 more 😉

xx j.