be mine baby.


taking inspiration (as i often do) from my very fashion-knowledgable and always immaculately presented friend Mel i made my trip to Paris this year a pilgrimage to Yves St Laurent. Having admired Mel’s many, many gorgeous YSL rings for a long time getting myself one was top priority. i am fully willing to admit that if i had to choose between seeing the Eiffel Tower and getting to YSL i’d be happy to settle for looking at pictures of the tower in Lonely Planet. i am not much of a ‘jewellery for the sake of jewellery’ wearer, and while i know that it is an amazing way to compliment clothing it’s not how i roll. i prefer to have a relationship with all of my jewellery. some of it is expensive, some of it is merely pieces of string with odd keys, bells & beads tied onto it but every piece has a story. not only was it satisfying to buy myself such a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery and a reminder of how hard i had worked to be where i was in the world but buying it came at a pretty poignant moment of my trip. as in many tales of travel i’d just realised i was the loser in a blissfully romantic but hopeless entanglement of the heart that i’d been engaged in and was feeling a little fragile. proving that timing really may be something, ysl entered my life right on queue. i couldn’t think of better (or more gorgeous) therapy for a broken heart.

boys are fleeting, ysl is forever and my only regret now is not buying 4 more 😉

xx j.

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