colour me purple.

so, admittedly i’m not the biggest fan of Lindsay Lohan but when i stumbled across her photo shoot for Purple Magazine in late 2010 i was completely captivated. Shot by Terry Richardson who is notorious for his provocative-verging-on-obscene photography style the shoot doesn’t fail to disappoint in pushing the envelope.

Despite the uncertainty around whether Richardson is a perverted creep or an utter genius he’s got me sitting up and paying attention.

Whilst Richardson utilizes the strategies of many photographers alike; risque poses, states of undress, questionable surroundings and smatterings of ‘reality’ his images seem to capture a rawness that many others fail to. Perhaps thats just his game but i know that when i look at this shoot i feel like i’m possibly viewing pieces of Ms Lohan’s genuine persona. Capturing fleeting moments and images of reality on film are so difficult, because, obviously when a camera is present there is always an element of facade working to veil it. A filthy sleaze he may be but Richardson deserves credit for his innate ability to captivate his audiences by photographically straddling the fine line between reality and fantasy.





photographs from

and the infamous Terry Richardson himself….


I have a sneaking suspicion that Richardson’s decision to style this shoot just so was more than tactical. His success in capturing the rawness of Lohan’s personality and (questionable) innocence forayed him into further shoots with her for Love Magazine earlier this year.

xx j.

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