ignorance is bliss…sometimes .

Following a conversation with a colleague today, we delved upon a realm of escaping reality via the ‘ignorance is bliss’ concept, I subsequently began to ponder on that hypothesis with regards to my finances . Someone once said that money spent on experience or education is never wasted money . To be exact that someone is my fellow Honey&Hook blogger J .
I have a little substance abuse problem I like to call shoe shopping . In particular my addiction applies to the likes of Christian Louboutin platforms, Chanel ballet flats, Yves Saint Laurent Tribute heels, Miu Miu booties, and the list goes on…
Call me pretentious, whatever, I’ve heard it before . But those of you with that preconceived notion fail to realise that these are the designers who convert an innovative idea in to a unique and artistic creation . this is then replicated, or as I like to call it, stolen, by commercial brands and then mass produced .

I understand that the average consumer either;

  1. cannot afford such luxury items, or
  2. think its a waste of money

But I think there needs to be a reciprocated admiration for those who have an appreciative comprehension of the designers themselves . Picasso once said that art is theft . I understand his perspective and although this may be true in some instances, I don’t completely agree with it . Art is established from inspiration, this I don’t call theft, if you scroll further down this post you will understand what I’m referring to .

Now that I have gone off in tangents I should be a little more succinct with my initial introduction . I recently enrolled in to a Fashion Business course commencing next month . Coinciding with this, my car rego and insurance has eaten my funds away . I still also have 2 more payments for my course (which aren’t cheap!) . Despite these impending financial burdens, there is a pair of Miu Miu ankle booties that I cannot live without and have proven extremely difficult to source . However my persistence has prevailed and I have located a pair for $478 – a bargain if you ask me . Now the question is, do I spend the money even though I have outstanding credit card bills with more fees to incur, or do I bite the bullet and succumb to the bliss of ignorance and buy them? how much interest can I possibly incur? And besides, these shoes will always be amazing, even when my kids find them in 20 years time (I don’t have kids yet lol) .

These are the amazing Miu Miu booties .


Now this is what I call theft .


Peace .

M .

6 thoughts on “ignorance is bliss…sometimes .

  1. Perfect! I agree wholeheartedly! Art is an individual’s viewpoint of what surrounds each of us and what I see is not going to be the same as what u see. The case in point re the shoes absolutely must buy – they have to be a bargain to make it worthwhile right? When you have other, for arguments sake, more important expenses to face you have to make the call and whilst u r young just do it! Bills will be paid and as long as you keep within your range all will be fine. Remember though the more interest you pay it might end up equalling a new pair of shoes so try and keep the repayments short!! We have a lifetime of being sensible and really only a few years of being somewhat frivolous I don’t regret my youth it was all worth it!! Plus u r spending $$ for your education and that is never a bad thing! 🙂 btw pretentious smencious a love of fashion is more than that I have seen pretention and u my lovely don’t qualify x

    • Haha thanks Stef, I think you have convinced me to buy them hehe
      It’s a shame how companies can copy products like this….I would feel cheap buying crap like that. I can understand if it’s a general item like a pair of plain black pumps, but the Miu Miu glitter booties are so unique….it’s obvious where the company stole it from…pathetic…
      But I knew you would understand me 🙂 xxx

      • I don’t buy fake anything – my whole motto is if I can’t afford the real deal then I just won’t buy it. Sure the most beaufiful things cost a fortune but i would rather buy one fabulous piece than 20 crappy ones! And yes it is a crime but obviously there is a market because the thieves keep doing it. x

  2. I find that the lack of high end culture is sometimes non-existent. You have people who buy nice watches and fabulous shoes, only to have people of the opposite sex attracted to those who wear Armani and Fossil watches. Immature!

    • I agree to an extent, there are those who are caught up in the pretentious culture and aren’t attracted to anything outside of that materialised idea…but there are those who appreciate the imagination and creativity of one who can construct a great outfit with little cost 🙂 x

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