close to home .



Admittedly snapped this hippy because I knew j would think he’s a babe . I actually did like his outfit…even the bare feet; a colloquial aphorism conventionally practiced back in his roots of Byron . (story based on assumption not actual fact, clearly) .

M .

majestic disposition .



With conspicuous prominent features comparative with that of Kate Moss I felt obliged to snap her photo before flicking through Frankie magazine and seeing it there .

M .

impetuous demure .


“Us? Really? Ah…ummm…alright?”
Snapped mid hiatus these guys still exude utter tranquility .

M .

nomadic eccentricity .



In a crowd of thousands she sat there by herself fixated on braiding the infinite strings to her ankle . She manifested the disposition I wish I could . Nomadic eccentricity . A life beyond anguish, encumbrance and duress .

M .

unknown pleasures.


joy division indeed. this chick has that wonderful ‘just thrown together’ look that we all aspire carry off. part vintage, part grunge, part street and with a definite kate moss vibe she even makes the plastic shopping back look fuckin’ cool.

kudos xxx j.