honey&hook is co-produced by m&j .

The subjectivity of style, of fashion, desire, photography, pleasure, imagery, beauty and perfection .

m: the ultimate purist, m views fashion as part art form part religion and supports this by studiously gathering knowledge in its diverse facets; the history, icons, culture and evolution of it. this foundation has led to the development of her own unique personal style and fashion based beliefs and rewarded her with an incredible attention for detail in her styling. she is beauty over practicality, glamour over glitz, sophistication over sense.

wildly gorgeous, m always looks polished yet exudes a captivating distinctiveness. she takes risks in her look but they are never executed without an element of beauty or an air of sophistication. a self confessed lover of designers she adores ridiculously high heels and iconic bags but enjoys dressing up as much as she loves throwing on ripped jeans and trainers. (ok, LV trainers)

in her spare time she can be found stalking unsuspected victims to satisfy her luxury goods addiction. she found her coveted Gucci vintage Boston bag somewhere in outback perth after searching the globe for 8 months. failing that she can be found perfectly poised and manicured down to the ysl ring, delicately leafing through porn mags (Vogue) and sipping Vanilla Lattes.
she would spend her last $1000 on ysl rings and a classic pair of heels.

j: approaches life with reckless randomness and loathes the idea of being ‘normal’. she confesses to knowing nothing about fashion but has an inherent sense of what looks right. she thinks in visuals which brings an element of wild creativity to her styling and photography.
she is inspired by a bizarre variety of places, people, moments and objects (real or imagined) and through this is she is able to passionately connect words with images, re-conceptualizing, questioning and philosophising as she goes.

most often she is told that her ‘look’ is ‘deconstructed hobo/gypsy-chic’. a fan of comfort, simplicity and sentimentality she is often seen wearing blanket like jackets, oversized knits, beaten up biker boots and an assortment of beads, chains and rings that go tinky-tink-tink when she moves.

in her spare time she can be found stealing peoples oldest, most worn out items of clothing or indulging in her favourite past time; ‘observing people’, inventing imaginary life stories for them and then laughing. At herself.
she would spend her last $1000 on a one way ticket to spain, a pair of trackies, and a disposable camera.
oh. and some gin & banana chips for the road.

xx .

4 thoughts on “About

  1. M, I know they discontinued ysl rings. I’m looking to buy my first one and I’m DYING for one. I NEED one! Any idea where I can get one?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Steph 🙂

      Haha I know the feeling! Try looking on Net-A-Porter or cultstatus.com.au
      Pretty sure cultstatus have a few! 🙂 otherwise, do you live near a ysl store? Some stores sill stock a few!

      Hope that helps?


  2. Dear Honey&Hook team,

    we found a pretty nice photo at your blog which we would like to show in our magazine. Maybe you could get in touch with me per e-mail?

    I would love to hear from you!
    Best, Jasmin

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