majestic disposition .



With conspicuous prominent features comparative with that of Kate Moss I felt obliged to snap her photo before flicking through Frankie magazine and seeing it there .

M .

impetuous demure .


“Us? Really? Ah…ummm…alright?”
Snapped mid hiatus these guys still exude utter tranquility .

M .

low luv chic .

I saw this chick from a mile away and instantaneously threw my apple cider at the boyfriend to hold whilst I pursued my next quest .

Initially her outfit was what captured my attention but as i approached her i noticed her tatts which complimented her unique quintessence style . she evokes an Erin Wasson aura cross the Olsen Twins (sunnies) cross a contemporary hippy indie slash pixie rock chic-esque, sporting a YSL ring and from memory, a vintage Chanel bag .

one of my fav looks for the day!


X m .

seeing squares.

we all know i take so many photos that i now see in squares and that i’m oddly captivated by images. both real and imagined. pictures that capture my curiousity are special primarily because i often don’t know why. is it the subject? the mise en place? the composition? the colours? the textures? the graininess? or because of the feelings it may evoke? 

this is the cover artwork for the ‘house of balloons’ mixtape by the weeknd. i came across it earlier this week while i was hanging out in my dark, den of inequity, creativity and absurdity. i can’t decide whether the tunes or the image is sexier.


x j.


froufrouu .

Apologies for the lack of posts, feel free to dob J&i in to DOCS for child neglect!

On the flip side, proud to announce we have both scored internships! J with Repeat Button and myself with Willow .

moving along. FrouFrouu;

Nadia Sarwar . i discovered this blogger via instagram .

Self described as;
City hopper
eBay stalker
Hat collector
35mm worshipper
Micture Paker
Story creator
Syllable jiggler
Stranger watcher
Blashion fogger
Hair swisher
Camera hoarder

its quite evident from this description that she doesn’t create a ‘whimsical world’ of cupcakes, lollipops, macaroons and bullshit . What attracts me to Nadia’s blog is her unique style coinciding with her aptitude to capture a single moment insensible to most (a sound ability of j’s!). she successfully evokes emotion through a simple photograph conveying an unwritten story, one of which forces you to infinitely stare in order to put the pieces together . it makes you wonder what she is doing, where she is going and what she is thinking.
I am in awe of her long dark hair, fair skin, and dark lip tones . my attempt of a similar appearance would result in near resemblance to a withered sea witch… Her prodigal choice of clothing consists of simple individual pieces, yet, put together it’s just fucking amazing! can definitely envision her in a Balenciaga ad tailored for Russh Magazine!

She’s very Johnny Depp-esque…strange to some, but fucking cool! and obviously without the prominent bottle  of whisky glued to her hand .

all photos from FrouFrouu .

M xx.

collected sentimentality.

There’s been plenty of times in my blogs that I’ve referred to my taste in jewellery as selective, simple and personal.  Generally when I travel these bits and pieces grow dramatically until I’m tinky-tinkiting around town and claiming bits of string I find on the ground have karmic significance. My collection of rings, bracelets, anklets and pendants are all meaningful and, as I evolve, gather more memories, and layer more jewellery the jingling noises get louder and my collected sentimentality grows too.

The chain that I wear around my neck daily is no exception and all of the pendants on it represent a person, story or experience either past or present.

Without further a due, let me introduce you to my collected sentimentality.

From left to right:


Camera – for obvious reasons. Ever captivated by the challenge of how I can most honestly portray bits of life through a lens I’m frequently described as constantly having a camera glued to my hand.

Vishnu – Yes Vishnu, the popular Hindu god, venerated by the Hindus as the Supreme Being. I bought this the first time I was in Thailand for about 50c and have cherished it ever since. Once upon a time my best friend explained to me that the ‘Divine Lord’ is kind of the Hare Krishna’s version of a deity. Since knowing Libby we’ve developed a joint, personal co-dependency on “the divine lord”, often trying to appease him/her by doing sporadic good deeds before we went out/went on holidays/asked a boy out so that we would be granted positivity. The Krisha’s don’t believe in material possessions so the divine lord can be present in any object or form that you allow it to be, I think there’s some correlation between Vishnu and the divine lord so I’ve always seen this pendant as representative of that. I like to think that it looks after me when I travel and it’s always a link to Libby.

Tiffany’s Padlock – 21st present from my college girlfriends. Oh the days of studying Events Management and sharing pieces of Vegemite Turkish toast because we couldn’t afford our own. (I still can’t.)

Fortune Coin – purchased on one of my favourite holidays to one of my favourite places in the world; Byron Bay. Also signifies the real beginning of my interest in Tarot cards. Unfortunately I can’t read fortune coins but I like to think they’re similar to a good luck charm.

Spanner – I got this from a boy I like to call my ‘Lobster’. Kinda similar to ‘the one that got away’…think unrequited love.

Tiffany’s Apple – from one of my great loves. He used to say my cheeks looked like apples when I smile.

Spoon – Originally this was a small vial with a twist top and the spoon was attached so you could use it to dip into the vial (you get the idea). My brother’s best friend (and now a very good friend of my own) bought this for me while we were travelling through Spain and Portugal together.  It reminds me of Barcelona, the poignant musical moments, the ridiculously amazing festivals we went to and all the laughs we had. Mid breakdown later in that trip when I was flying from Portugal to France (alone) I looked down and realised the vial had fallen off my necklace. I was devastated and promptly collapsed into a heap, listened to Apparat’s “Candil de la Calle” on repeat and cried for a really long time on the floor of Paris’ Orly airport. I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell him yet that it’s gone. Sorry Nathatron! x

Ball – a gift from Libby. She bought it to reflect my frequently used saying  and sometimes life philosophy “there’s so much beauty in simplicity”.

Key – this is the actual key to the jewellery box in these pictures. The box was a gift to my mum for her 21st birthday. Keys are recurringly symbolic for me, I’m not really sure why. I think I like the idea of being able to lock and unlock certain feelings and thoughts.

Wing – from the other great love.  It’s probably an angel wing but I always related it to feathers.

Feather – Also from Libby. Feathers have always symbolised freedom to me. At my 21st Mum gave me the advice: “Above all else value you your freedom, not just for yourself but for others”.  It stuck.

ImageSo, one day when you catch me catch me, alone, rolling one of the pendants between my fingers, staring off into the distance with a twinkly look in my eye and laughing to myself you’ll know vaguely what I’m thinking about….unless I’ve made up a story about flicking someone in the face with my sparkly unicorn tail or going on a date in a double story Lamborghini.

x j.

animal instinct .

Arriving 45 minutes early for my class I thought I would initiate the painful task of my financial planning and funding homework . Notorious for leaving things to the last minute (homework/assignment wise) throughout uni, which surprisingly saw some of my best results executed, I knew leaving it until the night before would only encourage my tendency to procrastinate until 2am, inevitably hitting my peak fuelled with coffee and redbull…though I’m determined to not repeat that process .

As 6pm approached, one by one, more people began to enter the room . But one in fact caught my eye with just a brief glimpse of her shoes…so naturally I looked up to check out the rest of her outfit…I must admit I was slightly intimidated staring at this perfectly poised, tall, thin, sun kissed entity who in my opinion had an amazing outfit on…whilst there I was in my daggy Zara pants, a white T and baby blue Chuck Taylors .

Amber L’estrange, former model turned stylist (and my teacher for the night), was surprisingly excited when asked if I could photograph her outfit for Honey&Hook (it only took me 2.5hrs to build up the courage to ask) .

“make sure you get the boots, they’re my animals” . and she was right . Whilst her outfit was femininely chic, those little “animals” exuded a captivating distinctiveness with her attention to detail on her accessories…her aura was very Byron Bay-esque…a very admirable look to pull off effortlessly .

I have a feeling Amber will be a frequent resident on Honey&Hook .

xx M .