Chivalry is not dead .


And just when I thought good looking men didn’t make you breakfast in bed, hold your handbag or even open the door for you…chivalry is clearly not dead . It’s also a bonus when your boy is a younger hotter version of the notorious George Cortina .

xx M .

majestic disposition .



With conspicuous prominent features comparative with that of Kate Moss I felt obliged to snap her photo before flicking through Frankie magazine and seeing it there .

M .

impetuous demure .


“Us? Really? Ah…ummm…alright?”
Snapped mid hiatus these guys still exude utter tranquility .

M .

nomadic eccentricity .



In a crowd of thousands she sat there by herself fixated on braiding the infinite strings to her ankle . She manifested the disposition I wish I could . Nomadic eccentricity . A life beyond anguish, encumbrance and duress .

M .

low luv chic .

I saw this chick from a mile away and instantaneously threw my apple cider at the boyfriend to hold whilst I pursued my next quest .

Initially her outfit was what captured my attention but as i approached her i noticed her tatts which complimented her unique quintessence style . she evokes an Erin Wasson aura cross the Olsen Twins (sunnies) cross a contemporary hippy indie slash pixie rock chic-esque, sporting a YSL ring and from memory, a vintage Chanel bag .

one of my fav looks for the day!


X m .

seeing squares.

we all know i take so many photos that i now see in squares and that i’m oddly captivated by images. both real and imagined. pictures that capture my curiousity are special primarily because i often don’t know why. is it the subject? the mise en place? the composition? the colours? the textures? the graininess? or because of the feelings it may evoke? 

this is the cover artwork for the ‘house of balloons’ mixtape by the weeknd. i came across it earlier this week while i was hanging out in my dark, den of inequity, creativity and absurdity. i can’t decide whether the tunes or the image is sexier.


x j.