they all hate us .

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it’s only so often you come across bloggers who’s photos you genuinely hit like on, rather than just for the sake of it . perfection is an understatement for this duo . must admit i’m slightly infatuated with the wardrobe of Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us .

M xx .

impetuous demure .


“Us? Really? Ah…ummm…alright?”
Snapped mid hiatus these guys still exude utter tranquility .

M .

froufrouu .

Apologies for the lack of posts, feel free to dob J&i in to DOCS for child neglect!

On the flip side, proud to announce we have both scored internships! J with Repeat Button and myself with Willow .

moving along. FrouFrouu;

Nadia Sarwar . i discovered this blogger via instagram .

Self described as;
City hopper
eBay stalker
Hat collector
35mm worshipper
Micture Paker
Story creator
Syllable jiggler
Stranger watcher
Blashion fogger
Hair swisher
Camera hoarder

its quite evident from this description that she doesn’t create a ‘whimsical world’ of cupcakes, lollipops, macaroons and bullshit . What attracts me to Nadia’s blog is her unique style coinciding with her aptitude to capture a single moment insensible to most (a sound ability of j’s!). she successfully evokes emotion through a simple photograph conveying an unwritten story, one of which forces you to infinitely stare in order to put the pieces together . it makes you wonder what she is doing, where she is going and what she is thinking.
I am in awe of her long dark hair, fair skin, and dark lip tones . my attempt of a similar appearance would result in near resemblance to a withered sea witch… Her prodigal choice of clothing consists of simple individual pieces, yet, put together it’s just fucking amazing! can definitely envision her in a Balenciaga ad tailored for Russh Magazine!

She’s very Johnny Depp-esque…strange to some, but fucking cool! and obviously without the prominent bottle  of whisky glued to her hand .

all photos from FrouFrouu .

M xx.

spring, summer & pastels .

I tend to have random spurts of inspiration to post and in this case it’s because I have insomnia….my fault of course! note to self; stop napping after work to then wake up 6 hours later and then procrastinate in applying St Tropez fake tan. did i mention its 4:30am here in Australia!?

The weather is warming up fast and we’re starting to see the layers of clothes disappear – slowly being replaced by ripped shorts and flowy dresses . It’s even almost time to put the fake tan back in the cupboard and gladly replace it with natural sun kissed skin. I can’t help but get excited about the upcoming season and the trends it will bring .

It seems that throughout spring and summer we will see fabrics adorned with vivid colours, as well as soft neutrals and pastels – in particular, soft mint green has proved popular on the runway and on the likes of fashion icons such as Jessica Stein & Nicole Warne . We’re also seeing red as a prominent colour, lace and crochet tops, and not to mention floral prints still remain on the racks . I feel that when it does come to floral prints you need to be careful that you don’t end up looking like a flower threw up everywhere, my recommendation is to veer in the direction of Zimmermann, you can’t go wrong with their floral prints, they just utter perfection .

Images from Tuula Vintage, Gary Pepper Vintage, Song of Style .

M .

Goldilocks, leopard print & fur .


It’s amazing how diverse fashion has become over the years, especially for young children. They now mirror the wardrobe of an adult, what was considered a niche in the industry has substantially advanced rather rapidly .

M .

the transparent clutch .


I’m not sure how I feel about a transparent clutch . I love the look of it; sharp, clean and almost perfect . However immaculate aptness isn’t suited to my disheveled appearance . By disheveled I’m not implying I appear homeless but rather that I fail to suit flawless pulled back hair and full length stockings . I look trivial without bumps in my hair or at least knee high socks . From studying, to my room, and to my bag I function in piles of clutter . I study and work surrounded by mountains of books and paperwork, my room is occasionally messy but I know exactly where everything is located and I love being able to throw things in my Louis knowing no one can see it . I’m sure no one wants to see my abundance of tissues when suffering hay fever or my lipstick pressed tissues post YSL application .

Peace .

M .

fellow instagrammers!?!?

Attention fellow instagrammers .

for additional insight at the reach of your finger tips feel free to follow m&j .



love .
m&j .