come-back .

back necklace back-necklace bacnecklace gold-back-necklace

so it seems these necklaces are making a come-back…pun intended!

these necklaces exude pure elegance however i personally feel like im being strangled wearing a necklace back to front haha. the things we do for fashion!

m xx .

Ysl red lipstick, coco liberace & louboutin daffodil’s .

M wears lipstick by YSL & necklace by Coco Liberace .

M wears dress by sportsgirl, daffodil heels by Christian Louboutin .

Love discovering things you forgot you owned! Prime example with this red aztec print dress . Getting ready to go out for a mini celebration for my birthday I, despite having millions of clothes, felt like I had nothing to wear…until I found this dress I bought a few months back that hadn’t seen anything but the doors of my wardrobe . The signature red sole of the Christian Louboutin Daffodil heel really complimented the dress .

M . Xx