pick me up .

17 OVERALL 24 OVERALL 4005.PFWSepD7WT12wp 1691770-6-denim-overalls 225883737531274923_y8Wh7wp0_c denim-overalls Denim-Overalls-29 Denim-overalls-Paris-London-SS-13-20121112_0101 eralls1 fe16c0192d2c63d13a65be70faf4990d hbz-street-style-fall-winter-lfw12-09-de hbz-street-style-Paris-fw13-day3-17-lgn img_0531 IMG_7820 onthestreet_overalls1 overalls-denim-ny-weworewhat ss stockholm street style overalls. streetstyle8474-web tokyo-overallsnot quite sure if this is meant to make me feel better about purchasing a $330 pair of Ksubi overalls when I was 18…!?

M xx .

the essentials .





m wears skirt by Zara, sweater by Woodford & Co, bag by Chanel, boots by Miu Miu .

This outfit post entails some of my favourite key pieces from my wardrobe;
The cobalt blue pleated skirt is the perfect summer addition . It’s easily paired with a Tshirt or even a knitted sweater in the colder months .
The knitted sweater is Woodford & Co . It was an impulse purchase 5 years ago and sat in my wardrobe, tags still attached, for the first 2 years . I love to wear it cropped with high waisted skirts . The bow tie detail on the front just completes it .
The Chanel Bag . I think the name alone is justifiable . Should you do your research, you may discover a little more about the civil rights in which this label stands for . one of the many reasons this label is a favourite .
And the glitter booties . A treasure in my wardrobe that will maintain its longevity .

Xx m .

the contingent introvert .




It’s funny asking strangers if you can take their picture . Some love the idea where as others want to run and hide . These girls were the in-betweeners . Each girl is so different in their style yet they have a similar temperament .

M .

Chivalry is not dead .


And just when I thought good looking men didn’t make you breakfast in bed, hold your handbag or even open the door for you…chivalry is clearly not dead . It’s also a bonus when your boy is a younger hotter version of the notorious George Cortina .

xx M .

close to home .



Admittedly snapped this hippy because I knew j would think he’s a babe . I actually did like his outfit…even the bare feet; a colloquial aphorism conventionally practiced back in his roots of Byron . (story based on assumption not actual fact, clearly) .

M .