1. eau de ooli: hippy stix lounge suit

if a unicorn princess had sex with bob dylan then its daughter would like look like this; a barefooted, wandering gypsy with bells on her ankles, long flowing gold-i-locks and dressed in a billowing grubby white genie suit. oh, and a kate moss (circa pete doherty) esque panama hat which you’re sure just miraculously floated up to her on the breeze from the ocean while she was undertaking her days work; braiding feathers into hair, painting blurry photos of stoned cats or performing upside down head stand scissor kick contortionist moves. i can’t even begin to explain how marvellous the genie suit (which i became fond of calling a ‘lounge’ suit’) really is. its sort of body suit pyjamas meets cat woman at the beach. and even though that combination should be enough to make you cough up your soybean salad it somehow manages to be organically, casually sexy without being slutty.

the tie up (correct – like the criss cross lacing that pamela anderson was so fond of in the 90’s) should be hideously tarty especially as it allows the neckline of the suit to pretty much dip down to navel level but it works in that sort of less is more way. with the addition of the panama, the bells and bare feet this suit becomes the single most gorgeously ridiculously, impractically, sexy, comfortable item of clothing i have ever worn.

it may defy every single law of style, fashion and tailoring known to woman but i sure as shit hope that it’ll soon be coming to a paisley couch near you.

x j.