pick me up .

17 OVERALL 24 OVERALL 4005.PFWSepD7WT12wp 1691770-6-denim-overalls 225883737531274923_y8Wh7wp0_c denim-overalls Denim-Overalls-29 Denim-overalls-Paris-London-SS-13-20121112_0101 eralls1 fe16c0192d2c63d13a65be70faf4990d hbz-street-style-fall-winter-lfw12-09-de hbz-street-style-Paris-fw13-day3-17-lgn img_0531 IMG_7820 onthestreet_overalls1 overalls-denim-ny-weworewhat ss stockholm street style overalls. streetstyle8474-web tokyo-overallsnot quite sure if this is meant to make me feel better about purchasing a $330 pair of Ksubi overalls when I was 18…!?

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spring, summer & pastels .

I tend to have random spurts of inspiration to post and in this case it’s because I have insomnia….my fault of course! note to self; stop napping after work to then wake up 6 hours later and then procrastinate in applying St Tropez fake tan. did i mention its 4:30am here in Australia!?

The weather is warming up fast and we’re starting to see the layers of clothes disappear – slowly being replaced by ripped shorts and flowy dresses . It’s even almost time to put the fake tan back in the cupboard and gladly replace it with natural sun kissed skin. I can’t help but get excited about the upcoming season and the trends it will bring .

It seems that throughout spring and summer we will see fabrics adorned with vivid colours, as well as soft neutrals and pastels – in particular, soft mint green has proved popular on the runway and on the likes of fashion icons such as Jessica Stein & Nicole Warne . We’re also seeing red as a prominent colour, lace and crochet tops, and not to mention floral prints still remain on the racks . I feel that when it does come to floral prints you need to be careful that you don’t end up looking like a flower threw up everywhere, my recommendation is to veer in the direction of Zimmermann, you can’t go wrong with their floral prints, they just utter perfection .

Images from Tuula Vintage, Gary Pepper Vintage, Song of Style .

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