antediluvian elegance .

I recently received Scott Schuman’s book The Sartorialist (yes I know I’m a little delayed) as a gift from my fellow blogger J . This book quickly became my bible . Scott established The Sartorialist to create a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life . I love his perception and analysis of one’s outfit – his ability to identify intricate style details is phenomenal, just like that of Bill Cunningham . It is human nature to make assumptions however this book educates one to perceive others in a different light . perhaps there are contributing cultural or sentimental factors to ones outfit – those of which you wouldn’t know unless you asked .

take this photo for example . Talia frequents the races so one would assume this is just another hat she owns upon the thousands in her collection . This hat was given to her by her nan which at the time resembled a a disc of straw and a bow . with a bit of nurturing she was able to restore the vintage piece to its original condition . though it is a beautiful piece, what stands out the most are her eyes . If you stare a little longer you would almost mistaken them as vintage instead, the story behind them is rather captivating, but a mystery to most .


Talia wears vintage hat, silk shirt by Sandro, rings by Marc Jacobs & Folli Folli, earrings by Mimco, bangles by Peeptoe .

M .

McQueen, signature red soles & vintage YSL .

M wears Daffodil platform heels by Christian Louboutin, vintage shirt, vintage YSL pin, arty ring by YSL, skull ring by Alexander McQueen, heart rings by Jewels by Jacqueline .

My toes are still slightly throbbing from the Louboutins . Despite falling over every 5 seconds when i first wore them they are the most amazing pair of shoes I own . Every time I wear them I can at least say I extend my walking distance by 20m without falling over . Tonight I didn’t even stumble, success!!

Xx M .

Application, interview & now officially an FBI Fashion Student .

M wears vintage shirt by Peter Metchev, pants by Zimmermann, necklace by Coco Liberace, heels by Christian Louboutin, bag by Chanel, rings by YSL, Alexander McQueen, Regalrose, Jewels by Jacqueline .

I felt like I was back at uni again, studying for an exam that would determine my career . Now that I am 150% certain that a career in fashion is something I am determined to exceed in and something that I’m passionate about, this interview became the most important 30 minutes of my life .
After a whole day at work, studying and preparing more to then talking to myself and practicing my answers and how I would structure my sentences, I was finally there . 30 nerve racking minutes . Though I thought I did rather well I had to wait till 9:30am the next day for the result .
In the mean time my boy took me to dinner at a Polish restaurant in Surry Hills for our one month 🙂 was nice to relax and let my hair out .

M wears shruggie by American Apparel, vintage leather shorts by Topshop, shirt by Oneteaspoon, boots by Dotti, bag by Chanel, necklace by Coco Liberace .

To conclude my post, I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orientation in 2 weeks, will keep you posted 😀

x M .

ripped shorts, cobble stones & a small italian town .

M wears top by sportsgirl, shorts by Oneteaspoon, shoes by converse, bag by Mimco .

Anagni, a small town not far from Rome where my grandfather grew up before he migrated to Australia . I was 7 years old when I last visited on a family holiday, I even threw up during our 3 hour drive from Carpineto to Anagni .
I soon discovered how beautiful this town was and how much history it has, but more importantly I was able to learn about a part of my heritage and where some of the fond stories my grandfather shared had actually happened . You tend to lack such great appreciation and understanding at a young age, but at 23 this day was very important to me . Live every moment like its your last and never take an experience or story for granted because in time they are just memories you grasp on to .

M .
Xx .

MCA clothing swap .

On Sunday the 22nd of July, my friend Gabi and I had the opportunity to attend a clothing swap hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) . prior to the event we had each dropped a few old clothes in which would allow us to grab some pieces when we returned . Although we arrived a little late to the event we managed to find a few things . Gabi found some vintage levi shorts and i scored these cool pyjama looking high-waisted pants which i will cut in to shorts . as a first in best dressed event of course there was some stiff competition to grab a beloved item first, we won some and we lost some and ended the day with some blueberry cheesecake and a stroll through the markets . smiles all round!

M .

Zimmermann, Oneteaspoon & Mykonos bronzer .

M (far right) wears bikini by Zimmermann, shorts by oneteaspoon, vintage belt, bag by oroton, tan by mykonos sun .

This photo captures one of my most favourite moments but also sad moments . Mykonos I think I left my heart with you .

M .