Imaan Collection by Samah Designs

As a creature driven by creativity with a mind that sometimes works in bizarre ways i know that it is often difficult to elegantly articulate self expression via your craft. For this reason i truly believe that it is important that we all support one another in our creative pursuits no matter how big or small.


I came across Samah Designs on a recent visit to Melbourne at the Peoples Market in Collingwood and was fortunate enough to meet and chat with the designer of this very special jewellery line. The pieces are unique handmade laser cut pieces which are both intricate and contemporary through the combination of design and materials. Inspired by global cultures and diasporas; the tribal and indigenous, the nomadic, spiritual and the sacred the range is reflective of the passion and creative vision of the designer, Samantha Choudhury.



The photos below are of pieces from the Imaan Collection, each of which is designed to evoke a narrative of cultures, traditions and history via symmetry, symbolism, beauty and charm.



You can order any of the Samah Design pieces online here.

Or you can visit the Samah Designs stall at Collingwood Markets in Melboure or stay update with all of her new pieces, here.

x j.